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ADAS Solutions
iBEAM Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technologies designed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems to reduce human error to improve safety.
Improve your outlook on driving with iBEAM cameras that have you covered for every angle.
Multi-Camera Add-On Interfaces
Stay aware of your surroundings and improve safety by adding iBEAM cameras to your existing factory screen.
Mirrors + Monitors + Dashcams
Easy-to install, low-profile, mirrors, monitors and dashcams make ADAS possible.
Vehicle Specific Kits
Use the iBEAM Fit Guide to look up backup cameras and side view cameras configured and designed for your vehicle make and model.
Commercial Heavy Duty
Specialty ADAS technologies including wireless systems, monitors and high definition cameras and DVRs designed specifically for the commercial driver in mind.
Cables, mounts, SD cards, switchers and other accessories for installation, operation and support of your iBEAM ADAS technologies.
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The multi-adjustable bracket is versatile, adapting to different configurations so installers can set the ideal viewing angle for a variety of factory and aftermarket Jeep spare tires. It allows 110 degrees of swing, side to side with an additional 2.5 inches of travel at the head of the bracket. The base can also be adjusted on the spare tire bolts with 5 inches of height, allowing for different arrangements.

The included camera has a wide diagonal viewing angle of 170 degrees that provides better driver visibility and reduces blind spots day or night, with 0.6 LUX night vision. The durable steel bracket design paired with a high-quality metal and water-resistant IP67 rated camera housing will withstand the elements.

For easy integration into the factory display, the AX-ADDCAM interface detects when the reverse gear has been engaged and then activates the backup camera to show the camera feed with parking guidelines. The kit includes a vehicle-specific harness and is scalable, providing up to three additional camera inputs to the factory radio.

  • Bracket
    • 110 degrees of left to right slide
    • 2.5&quot; of lift at the top of the bracket
    • 5&quot; of additional lift at the base of the bracket
    • Head of bracket is bendable for angle adjustment
  • Camera
    • 170-degree field of diagonal view
    • IP67 rating
    • High-quality metal housing
    • 0.6 LUX night vision
    • Parking lines
  • Interface
    • AX-ADDCAM camera switching interface included
    • Vehicle-specific harness included
    • Automatically detects and triggers the camera when reverse is engaged
    • Integrates up to four camera inputs to the factory radio
  • iBEAM recommends the TE-CAMFLTR be used if power is being connected via the tail light. (sold separately)
  • Wrangler 2007-2018
    • JK trim level only