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ADAS Solutions
iBEAM Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technologies designed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems to reduce human error to improve safety.
Improve your outlook on driving with iBEAM cameras that have you covered for every angle.
Multi-Camera Add-On Interfaces
Stay aware of your surroundings and improve safety by adding iBEAM cameras to your existing factory screen.
Mirrors + Monitors + Dashcams
Easy-to install, low-profile, mirrors, monitors and dashcams make ADAS possible.
Vehicle Specific Kits
Use the iBEAM Fit Guide to look up backup cameras and side view cameras configured and designed for your vehicle make and model.
Commercial Heavy Duty
Specialty ADAS technologies including wireless systems, monitors and high definition cameras and DVRs designed specifically for the commercial driver in mind.
Cables, mounts, SD cards, switchers and other accessories for installation, operation and support of your iBEAM ADAS technologies.
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Add safety and security to your vehicle by recording interactions or collisions – even in the dark – with iBeams Infrared Night Vision DVR.

Our iBeam Infrared Night Vision DVR simultaneously captures video in both the front and rear of the vehicle and has a built-in g-force sensor to detect collisions which will then lock and protect that data from being overwritten.

Drivers gain the added benefit of driving assistance by connecting the DVR video output to their vehicle display. The driver can select to view front day or front night or rear-view for parking. Includes IR LED bar for improved night recording when mounted to the front bumper. This DVR camera kit installs seamlessly to any vehicle while maintaining an OEM factory look.

  • Includes a night vision infrared front camera
    • Daytime video resolution – 1920 × 1080p
    • Nighttime video resolution – 1280 × 720p
    • 120 degree wide lens angle
    • 170 degree diagonal lens angle
    • 100-200m night vision range
    • Strong fog penetration
  • Includes a rear camera
    • Video resolution – 1280 × 720p
    • 120 degree wide lens angle
    • 170 degree diagonal lens angle
    • Aperture F2.0
  • Digital recorder supporting up to32GB USB flash drive
  • Automatic recording up to 28 hours
  • Can be viewed in the day or at night
  • Built-in g-force sensor detects collisions
  • H.264 video format
  • JPEG image format
  • Loop recording support
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • 3-year warranty
  • Universal