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ADAS Solutions
iBEAM Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technologies designed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems to reduce human error to improve safety.
Improve your outlook on driving with iBEAM cameras that have you covered for every angle.
Multi-Camera Add-On Interfaces
Stay aware of your surroundings and improve safety by adding iBEAM cameras to your existing factory screen.
Mirrors + Monitors + Dashcams
Easy-to install, low-profile, mirrors, monitors and dashcams make ADAS possible.
Vehicle Specific Kits
Use the iBEAM Fit Guide to look up backup cameras and side view cameras configured and designed for your vehicle make and model.
Commercial Heavy Duty
Specialty ADAS technologies including wireless systems, monitors and high definition cameras and DVRs designed specifically for the commercial driver in mind.
Cables, mounts, SD cards, switchers and other accessories for installation, operation and support of your iBEAM ADAS technologies.

Tabletop display highlights the TE-DVR-DL,TE-DVR-15 & TE-DVR360

The TE-DVR-DL is a sleek small dual-lens digital video recorder that offers one camera for forward facing recording and one camera for recording the interior of the vehicle.

The TE-DVR-15 is a convenient way to capture potentially vital information related to traffic collisions or other incidents. The 720p video quality ensures that you will be able to read license plates and street signs clearly – in case video evidence needs to be presented in a court setting or for insurance purposes.

With the TE-DVR360, you can record everything going on while driving – both inside and out!

Display Specifics
  • Lightweight Rigid Material
  • Dimensions: 27.5”H X 18”W X 6”D
  • Digital video recorded with dual camera recording
  • One camera for forward facing recording
  • One camera for interior of the vehicle recording
  • Plugs into standard 12v outlet for operation
  • Capable of full 1080p dual recording
  • Built-in g-ford sensor detects collisions and locked the captures video to prevent being overwritten
  • Take photos with the press of a button
  • Built-in screen, also connects to wifi enabled app
  • iBeam SD card, TE-16SD (sold separately)
  • Max 128gb Micro SD card, class 10 or higher
  • Plugs into standard 12V outlet for operation
  • Can be used forward or rear-facing
  • Built-in g-force sensor detects collisions and locks the captured video to prevent it from being overwritten
  • Device can be switched between video and photography modes
  • Supports up to 32GB microSD card, class 10 or higher (iBeam SD card – TE-16SD – sold separately)
  • 360° view of the front facing, drivers view and interior of vehicle with audio recording
  • 130° rear camera included for rear of vehicle recording
  • Rear camera field of view: diagonal 130°, horizontal 90°+5°, vertical 52°
  • Audio recording
  • 480×800 resolution on LCD 4" touchscreen for viewing
  • 1080P – front/interior and rear camera
  • Luminance: 400 nits
  • Loop recording in minute segments
  • Collision lock support
  • Built-in DVR
  • Maximum 32G MicroSD card
  • Parking mode feature to record while the vehicle is off
  • 3 year warranty
  • Voltage protection
  • Mounts to the windshield using double-sided tape (included in the kit)
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