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ADAS Solutions
iBEAM Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technologies designed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems to reduce human error to improve safety.
Improve your outlook on driving with iBEAM cameras that have you covered for every angle.
Multi-Camera Add-On Interfaces
Stay aware of your surroundings and improve safety by adding iBEAM cameras to your existing factory screen.
Mirrors + Monitors + Dashcams
Easy-to install, low-profile, mirrors, monitors and dashcams make ADAS possible.
Vehicle Specific Kits
Use the iBEAM Fit Guide to look up backup cameras and side view cameras configured and designed for your vehicle make and model.
Commercial Heavy Duty
Specialty ADAS technologies including wireless systems, monitors and high definition cameras and DVRs designed specifically for the commercial driver in mind.
Cables, mounts, SD cards, switchers and other accessories for installation, operation and support of your iBEAM ADAS technologies.

Upgrade your vehicle’s safety and parking experience with this adjustable spare tire camera kit from iBEAM. This camera setup is designed to provide drivers with a clear view of their surroundings while parking or reversing, offering the ultimate solution for enhancing a vehicle’s safety and maneuverability. The kit includes a multi-adjustable bracket, high-quality camera, and wiring to ensure a hassle-free installation.

The versatile bracket of the TE-ASTCAM is specifically designed to mount securely to the factory studs of the spare wheel with over 200 vehicle applications. It offers an impressive range of adjustability, allowing drivers to position the camera exactly where they need it. The bracket’s camera stem can be adjusted both side-to-side and up and down, providing drivers with optimal flexibility and customization options. Additionally, the head of the bracket is bendable to achieve the perfect angle adjustment for each unique vehicle.

Equipped with high-quality metal housing, the included camera delivers durability and longevity. Its 170-degree field of diagonal view ensures a wide coverage area, minimizing blind spots and providing a comprehensive perspective of the vehicle’s surroundings. The camera also features parking guidelines, enabling drivers to accurately gauge distances and maneuver their vehicle with ease.

With an IP67 rating, this camera is designed to withstand inclement weather, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments. Additionally, the TE-ASTCAM boasts excellent low-light capabilities with its 0.6 LUX night vision, allowing drivers to navigate safely in dimly lit areas or during nighttime parking.

For a convenient power connection via the taillight, the addition of iBEAM’s Pulse Width Modulation Stabilizer (TE-CAMFLTR) is recommended (sold separately). This accessory ensures a reliable and efficient power supply to the camera, further enhancing its functionality.

  • Includes multi-adjustable bracket, camera, and wiring
  • Over 200 vehicle applications, including select Jeep, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Suzuki, and Land Rover vehicles*
  • Bolt pattern: 5×4.5, 5×4.75, 5×5, 5×5.5, 5×6.5, or 6×5.5
  • Bracket mounts to factory studs of spare wheel
  • Bracket camera stem adjusts side-to-side and up-and-down
  • Bracket features 70° left-to-right slide
  • 2.5” of lift at top of bracket
  • Bendable bracket head for angle adjustment
  • 170° field of diagonal camera view
  • Optional parking guidelines camera display
  • Rated IP67
  • High-quality metal camera housing
  • 0.6 LUX night vision
  • 3-year warranty
  • The addition of iBEAM’s Pulse Width Modulation Stabilizer (TE-CAMFLTR) is recommended when power is being connected via the taillight (sold separately)

*Visit our Vehicle Fit Guide for up-to-date vehicle-specific applications.