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  • Model: TE-ATO

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Foot Control Automatic Trunk Opener

Open your vehicle's trunk hands free with iBeam's foot control automatic trunk opener.

Our iBeam Foot Control Automatic Trunk Opener works with any vehicle that is equipped with a motorized trunk switch. Once the two sensors are installed, the trunk can be opened hands free by a simple kick action near the vehicle - perfect for loading groceries or luggage! This versatile trunk opener is integrated for positive trigger systems (common on GM vehicles), negative trigger systems (common on Ford and imports), or it can be connected directly to the trunk switch. This simple vehicle addition will make daily tasks much easier. Drivers will wonder how they ever lived without it!


  • 2 sensor detection design
  • Simple kick action to engage trunk opener
  • Built-in integration for positive and negative trigger systems or directly to the trunk switch
  • Compatible with vehicles equipped with motorized trunk openers

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