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  • Model: TE-180

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iBeam 180 Degree Camera

Our iBeam 180 degree camera allows drivers to alternate between different perspectives, or display multiple views at once with the press of a single button. Hold the button down longer for backup assistance with guideline display. This camera solves the problem of blind spots by creating multiple angled views, as if there were more than one mounted lens - with the convenience and simplicity of a single camera feed. Avoid potential road hazards and increase safety by having a clear view of vehicle surroundings. Includes plenty of cable for both control switch and video, to make installation a snap.

  • Perspective of multi view camera display can be changed with a single button press
  • A long press of the button will switch normal display to a mirrored view with guidelines for rear applications
  • Wired switch includes 5 feet of cable for convenient installation
  • Includes 25 feet of video cable

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